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     At Boomers For Fitness, we offer personalized workout programs that can be done in the comfort of your own home or condo. We also offer virtual programs for those who prefer to workout from the safety of their own homes. For group workouts, we rent a place where we can all workout together.

Spine and Lower Back Health

Spine and Low Back Health

Understanding your body and your daily movement habits are key factors to low back and spine health. For instance, the way we walk, sit, and stand for long periods or even the way we drive a car can lead to weak and misaligned vertebrae, which can hinder your spinal health. We assess your body and based on the results we learn what your body needs. We teach you new effective motions that will help strengthen your spine and relieve low back tension for improved mobility/strength and ease of motions.

Post-Injury Fitness

We specialize in making weak areas of your body not just stronger but more mechanically efficient. We use myofascial release techniques and corrective exercise strategies to provide you with better range of motion and healthier muscle tissues for lasting results.

Post Injury/Surgery Fitness
Hip and Knee Flexibility and Strength

Hip & Knee Flexibility and Strength

If you have had previous issues with these areas, we can help you move and exercise safely without reinjuring yourself. We pair corrective exercises along with proper weight distribution and functionality, which results in greatly improving the strength and flexibility of your knees and hips.

Functional Fitness

Things that can dramatically change one's life are the ability to breathe well, balance well, and strengthen brain health. Also, less wear and tear on our joints require that our everyday movements become efficient. All of these elements are intertwined into our cardiovascular and strength training protocols. We implement the A, B, C's - Alignment, Breathing, and Control, to ensure the most effective way to train your body.

Functional Fitness
Neck and Shoulder Issues

Neck and Shoulder Issues

There are many things that can go wrong in these two intricate parts of our bodies, from disc issues, chronic tension, or tightness, rotator cuff tears and much more. Understanding the deep anatomy of these areas is our key to providing safe strategies that encourage your muscles to work more efficiently during posture and movement patterns.

Foot & Ankle Strategies

Most individuals have plenty of stability in their feet, but not enough flexibility. We focus on loosening tight tissue around the calves, ankles, and feet, followed by effective foot and toe exercises. This helps with many issues such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, foot neuropathy, and provides an important role in better movement, balance, gait, and fitness.

Foot and Ankle Strategies
Balance and Gait

Balance and Gait

Staying upright while minimizing fall risk requires the ability to transfer body weight from one leg to another. Foot movement and eye dissociation also play a major role in stability. While working on these aspects we provide a sensible progression of exercises that are safe and productive, improving how you walk and balance.

Core and Posture Training

An individual's diaphragmatic breathing pattern and rib cage angle can have tremendous effects on posture, core strength, movement, and can even play a role in gastro issues and incontinence. We teach three-dimensional breathing patterns specific to your body's needs. This builds up deep core strength and promotes natural alignment of the spine and ribcage which ultimately results in better overall posture and movement.

Core and Posture Training
Mobility Training

Mobility & Fitness For 50+

Mobility is the key to independence and quality of life. By the time we hit 50, our bodies have been through a lifetime of experiences, which has a profound effect on our ability to move. While some things can't be reversed, we certainly have the power to create changes that promote space and length in between our joints and muscles. Our IMS checks and balance system allows us to pinpoint those exercises that help our older adult bodies to move, exercise, and overall feel better.

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