Meditation in Motion: The Benefits of Tai Chi for Older Adults

Affectionately nicknamed “meditation in motion” by the Harvard Health Publication, Tai Chi offers many health, wellbeing and physical benefits while still being accessible to all levels. This gentle but challenging form of exercise can improve your strength, flexibility and balance while decreasing stress and even helping you sleep better. It has also been proven to […]

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The Yoga Advantage

With heath problems on the rise, a rapidly aging population and the Baby Boomers closing in on 60, there is growing concern in our culture with health, fitness and the all-consuming question of how to age gracefully. Contrary to the popular notion that our golden years should be spent “taking it easy” and essentially withering […]

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Pole Walking Benefits

Originally gaining popularity in northern Europe, Nordic Pole Walking has become a trendy new form of exercise here in North America because of the many health benefits it boasts along with its low exertion rate. It combines the best of both worlds, as it offers more health benefits than basic walking while still being just […]

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