About The Team

Jaqueline (Jackie) Murdoch

A seasoned professional who works exclusively with older adults. She is excited to share her passion for fitness with others. As a “baby boomer” herself, she understands the challenges of fitness for older adults. Jackie is certified as a Personal Trainer, Nordic Pole Walking Instructor, Older Adult Specialist and a Fitness Instructor. She has her black belt in karate (Chito Ryu style) which she earned in her later years, proving that you can do anything at any age, if you set your mind to it!

Beverley Coburn

Certified as a Personal Trainer and an Older Adult Specialist, Bev has gained valuable experience through her commitment to physical activity and elite sport training. She is a Canadian Record holder in Masters 10,000-metre outdoor track (York U 2001), a Canadian Masters Ironman Triathlon champion (2005) and a five-time Ironman finisher including two Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii (2001 and 2005). Bev focuses on preventing injuries and prolonging an active lifestyle. She believes that the research and technology involved in training an athlete can be applied to any Boomer wishing to improve their fitness.

Dee Simpson

As a zealous, life-long adventure traveler and volunteer with overriding passions for helping others, Dee leapt into her forth career as a fitness professional at a time when most are slowing down. Wholeheartedly ‘Walking the Talk’, Dee had the audacity to run and win her first ever marathon at 61 years young. This instigated her to become a certified Personal Trainer and Older Adult Specialist. Dee is totally committed to use her age, enthusiasm and boundless energy to train, motivate and inspire others, both to succeed and fully embrace the importance of physical fitness, especially as we age.

Robi Roncarelli

Robi has been involved in fitness for 24 years. He was the first male Aquafitness instructor certified by CALA (Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance). Currently Robi teaches Aquafitness classes at community centres, private health clubs and condominium groups, to all age groups and levels. He also teaches the Toronto District School Board Seniors Programs. His instruction ranges from specialized one-on-one programs, to large groups of up to 50 participants. Robi’s Aquafitness activities have been featured in articles in The Toronto Star, and on CTV National News.

Lisa Bixel

Lisa is a CALA (Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance) trained aquafit instructor. She has taught a wide variety of ages over the past 15 years. She has taught at community centres, gyms and private clients one-on-one. Lisa has experience teaching older adults as well as populations with chronic illnesses. Her specialties include: Aqua Muscle, Aqua Running, Aqua Rehab, Aqua Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis. Lisa’s latest endeavour is to continue her love for fitness with yoga teacher training.

Peggy Buchar

Has been in the wellness field for over 25 years. She is a certified Pilates instructor, Yoga teacher and Reflexologist. Peggy has extensive experience with older adults in many sectors. She aims to empower each individual to grow, live with increase body awareness and enhance quality of life. Those who work with Peggy appreciate her supportive and practical approach to integrating body, mind and spirit.
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Glory Last

Glory has been a Yoga Instructor for the past 18 years and has practiced Hatha Yoga for the past 22. She has taught diverse groups and individuals from beginner to advanced yoga students, of all ages and physical conditions. She is also fully certified in First Aid and CPR. Glory has specialized in teaching recovering heart patients, leading 3 such groups over the past 18 years with very positive results. Yoga is the perfect complement to personal training with Boomers for Fitness.

Linda Tenenbaum

Linda has studied the arts of Tai Chi & Qigong for over 24 years. She has taught in community centres, hospitals and seniors’ centres for the past 19 years. As a student of Taijiquan and Qigong under Master David Lau (Lau Yiu Lam), Linda received her Taijiquan Fa Teacher Certificate in 1996. Linda holds “Instructor’s Black Sash in Forms and Tai Chi Sword” with the World Wide Federation of Martial Arts; recognized by the International Karate Federation. Linda achieved first and second place rankings in Tai Chi Sword in Ladies Black Belt Weapons Division competition (2002). Linda brings knowledge and fun to learning this health enhancing skill with her warm relatable style.

Jill Sackman

Brings over 30 years of experience in the fitness and dance art forms. She is a Fitness Instructor Specialist and holds the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT 200 Certification. She is a Black Belt in the Nia Technique, a former trainer of Nia White Belt Instructors and was Southern Ontario’s first Certified Nia Instructor. Jill derives a great deal of pleasure from teaching a six week meditation course which she has developed. Presently she has combined all her years of experience into a new, creative class called Mindful Movement, which combines yoga and dance techniques. Jill’s classes provide an opportunity to improve mind-body awareness skills, create good health, fitness and experience a dynamic, soulful expression of you. She looks forward to sharing her love of yoga, movement and meditation.

Fiona Innis

A Licensed Zumba instructor, teaching both Zumba and Zumba Gold. Her passion for dance is what led her to Zumba – having studied jazz, ballet, Bollywood and bellydance, Fiona was excited to find another outlet for her love of dance that she can share with older adults who are looking for a new way to keep fit and have fun.

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